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Born on the Wirral Peninsula in the 70's I spent much of my childhood rollerskating, riding my BMX, and walking/running in Snowdonia.

Even as a kid, I used to love writing little stories, not least the ludicrous continuation story one of friends and I used to write - a chapter each every week for two years! - involving certain rockstars, our school, and a castle tower (I still have half of it in the loft - somewhere!)

I kept writing little bits and pieces over the years, purely for my own amusement, however I was to have quite a few detours (university,  joining the TA, doing various jobs including working for governments both foreign and domestic, a post grad degree and starting up construction business with my husband) before finally realising what my teenage self may have known all those years earlier. Namely, that I wanted to become a published writer.

Although I had made a couple of half-hearted attempts at becoming a writer in the past - I tried and won a round robin in BLAH, and got a feedback from So You Think You Can Write in BLAH (although I foolishly thought it was their polite attempt to tell me to go away - I now know they simply don't have time for such nonsense - if they're taking their time to give you get any feedback whatsoever then it's a positive thing)

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