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From single parent...

To family man?

Struggling to bond with his orphaned nephew, surgeon Jake Cooper hopes a summer in Brazil will help them connect. And it’s Jake’s chance to meet world-renowned medical researcher Flavia Maura. He just never expects their immediate attraction, or for career-driven Flavia to be a natural with Brady. As she chips away at Jake’s hardened heart, dare he believe she’s just what they need to become a family?

From passion, to pregnancy...

To a family for real.

Betrayed by her cheating fiancé, pediatrician Saskia fell into the arms of brooding entrepreneur Malachi Gunn. Her on-the-rebound encounter has consequences she never could have imagined – she’s pregnant! Whisked away to his Tuscan villa, Malachi has made it clear she must wed him to give their baby the family it deserves. But can Saskia settle for a paper marriage…or should she hope for more?

At the heart of a playboy... the man of her dreams.

ER doc Anouk Hart wishes she could ignore her traitorous body’s reaction to high-flying neurosurgeon Solomon Gunn. Yet beneath his playboy reputation, Anouk sees flashes of compassion which are even more dangerous than his charm! Especially when the warmth of Sol’s Christmas spirit starts to make her long to unleash the real Solomon Gunn, and keep him by her side forever!

His wife is back...

...with his secret son.

Since losing his leg on a mission, soldier Zeke Jackson has worked hard and come a long way; now a multi-millionaire he’s also committed to helping others. Yet nothing can prepare him for the moment his wife, army doctor Tia Farringdale, walks back into his life and reminds him just how powerful their connection still is… And Tia isn’t alone – she’s brought his son with her!

From bachelor doc...

To family man.

As a single parent and helicopter rescue doc, fiercely independent Effie Robinson has no time for romance! So when hotshot neurosurgeon Talank Basu proposes a mutually beneficial dating ruse, what could be the harm?

Only, Effie's not prepared for how protected and supported he makes her feel...Tak's fighting their sizzling attraction just as much as she is - will they finally give in and trust in their once-in-a-lifetime chemistry?

From temporary protector...

To love of a lifetime.

Obstetrician Rae Rawlstone has worked hard to distance herself from her fame-seeking family and her scandalous past. Only now her past is catching up with her, because she's spending Christmas under the protection of ex-army surgeon and first love Major Myles Garrington! Behind the shadows of her bodyguard's gorgeous eyes Rae sees they have more than chemistry in common. Could learning to trust one another lead to happy-ever-after?

A desire they can't resist...

A consequence they'll cherish forever.

Still reeling from her failed marriage, Archana Coates is ready to rediscover the vibrant, fun–loving woman she once was. So an unexpected encounter with childhood crush, playboy surgeon Kaspar Athari leads to temptation she can't resist.


Then Archie arrives in LA – pregnant! And when she and Kaspar discover their baby is at risk, Archie will do anything it takes to fight for her new little family.

I love reading medical romances by Mes Hawkes and this story was an absolute delight. - 4  1/2 * Harlequin Junkie

Redeeming his reputation…

With a diamond ring!

Louis Delaroche is world-renowned for his surgical skills—as well as his seduction skills! He’s happy to let his Lothario reputation precede him…until it threatens to cut him off from his family’s charity foundation. Now Louis has only one choice if he is to redeem himself—get married!


Warm-hearted anaesthetist Alex Vardy is the perfect bride. But soon their fake kisses for the cameras start to feel sensationally real!

Ms Hawkes always provides an entertaining read, but this story is the best I've read by her yet...

a fantastic read - 4  1/2 * Harlequin Junkie

One night is never enough...

For trauma doc Major Elle Caplin, spending one night in Lieutenant Colonel Fitzwilliam's arms is out of character but oh so good! It's meant to be a one-off, until Fitz shows up on her army base!

Fitz doesn't do long-term - he knows he's bad news to anyone he cares about - and learning that he'll be working with capable flame-haired Elle puts her in the strictly off-limits category. But with the memory of their hot, life-changing encounter keeping him awake, suddenly Fitz is tempted to break his one-night rule!

the diologue...was intense; the chemistry,,,was strong; the romance was wonderful - 4* Harlequin Junkie

Rules of engagement!

Army trauma doctor Major Felicity Delaunay likes the rules and regulations that give structure to her life. But the arrival of maverick hotshot Colonel Ash Stirling is about to turn her world upside down!

Ash hasn't overcome his troubled past to get where he is without taking risks, but he never crosses the line. Not with a colleague…no matter how gorgeous! Yet Felicity gets under his skin like no other, and he soon finds himself breaking all his—and her—rules.

a real page-turner

a wonderful read where the chemistry was intense...and the ending had me clapping for the heroine's bravery - 4* Harlequin Junkie

Discovering his secret child!

For committed surgeon Max Van Berg, career has always come first. He's only ever risked distraction once—during his whirlwind affair with stunning psychiatrist Evangeline Parker…

But now Evie's unexpected reappearance has turned Max's world upside down. Not only is Evie battling illness, but she's been forced to keep an even bigger secret from the surgeon! Against all odds Max is a father, and suddenly his sole focus is fighting for Evie, for baby Imogen and for the family he never knew he wanted until now…

The romance that shone through the book was well written, well thought-out and one of greatness - 4*  Harlequin Junkie

Falling for her husband?

Theirs was a marriage of convenience borne out of desperate circumstances, but Thea can’t forget the wedding night she spent in Ben Abrams’ arms! Only by dawn it was all over, and her army doctor husband had shipped out—of the country and her life!

Now Ben is badly wounded, and Thea must nurse him back to health. Having lost her heart to her reluctant husband once, she fears getting close to him again. Dare she hope this time Ben will choose his desire for her over duty?

Great Debut - 4* Goodreads Reviewer

such great pace and emotion - 5* Goodreads reviewer


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